A unified suite of three services

The services together create the entire system. One service manages the inflight operation, one to manage the configuration and data, and the third system provides the connectivity and interfaces into and out of the flightPOS environment

The services are flightPOS, facilitating revenue generating operations related to inflight sales of products; both trolley-based goods and virtual products like W-IFE content or destination attractions.

The flightPOS services within this eco-system are made up of:

  • W-IFE and IFE payment services

  • Receipts by email

  • Crew notifications

  • POS services

  • Crew process support

  • Payment processing

  • Back office configuration manager

  • Security services

  • Reports engine

  • Data lake analytics

Inflight retailing

Innovative payment systems supporting pre and post-flight processes with all the ‘bells and whistles’ that an aviation specific POS device can provide today.

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Cloud-hosted control

Serverless cloud environment providing bespoke payment processing and powerful data handling, built with flexibility in mind to meet an airline’s needs.

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Seamless integration

Format agnostic support for diverse data sources. Use of third party systems instead of specific flightPOS products is an option. e.g. a competitor back office can be used to drive the POS device content.

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Reviewing retail operations is something that has taken on more significance since the global slowdown. Allow flightPOS to be part of your review team and contribute to the thought processes. It may be interesting to see how a ‘challenger’ retail and payment solution can reduce opex and enhance your revenue streams.

If the sound of a crew independent W-IFE deployment with passenger device-based payments is appealing, we have a complete solution to offer and are available to discuss. Full integration with crew and trolley content is an option.

Sometimes there are novel technical needs, flightPOS modular systems have the flexibility today to meet current and future aims.

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